Abstract: The vehicular ad-hoc networks are described by high mobility of nodes, which resulting in regular and rapid changes in the network topologies. A trust based framework is proposed for safe and reliable information dissemination in vehicular networks. Group Based Receiver-Driven Protocol divides the network into clusters or groups, where nodes are grouped using the same search query like the same direction or same destination route, or so on. Each cluster has a cluster head (Group Leader), its task is to manage communication processes inside, and to outside its cluster. The proposed scheme has the benefit of using real-time road environment to figure a better route and at the same time, the information source can be correctly authenticated. Protecting the privacy of the drivers, the query (destination) and the driver who issues the query are assured to be unsinkable to any party including the trusted authority.

Keywords: Vehicular ad hoc networks, Group based receiver-driven Protocol, Request and reply propagation, Clustering.