Abstract: This research work lay work laid emphasis on the efficient usage of energy transmitting module and the advantageous integration of renewable energy into household energy systems, the use of building energy management systems (BEMS) for the efficient use of the energy is undeniable. In this research work, we have focused on a modulated BEMS and its ability to modify or build architecture according to the need and personal specification or preferences that enable an adjustable and flexible way towards the optimization of building energy system. This approach is able to achieve the continuous energy flow in the building and across all energy transmitting module as well as the mutually dependency between the appliances and other devices, as long as this observatory approach is used for the devices and optimizing its operational system. The estimations with the help of simulated model and comparison with real world model shows the ability of the BEMS to improve the efficient use of energy, self-consumption, and self-reliance as well as to minimizing the energy consumption and costs/unit by an improved arrangement of the devices that considers all energy transmitting module in the buildings as well as its mutually dependent appliances and devices. A simulated mixed energy optimization model for optimal energy management strategy for household building using PV energy system and grid-connected energy system is developed. The simulated model is tested for various maximized values of the storage battery in storage system which can be consumed for household requirement at any point of time and minimizing the energy consumption from the grid-energy system. In this study we have considered four houses nearby in the neighborhood which are using both PV energy system and grid-energy system along with the battery storage. This simulated model is able to provide us with satisfactory solution than other algorithm with comparably a less computational effort and processing time.

Keywords: Simulated, Optimization model, grid energy, PV energy.