Abstract: The present study involves the assessment of water quality modelling w.r.t surface water sources especially rivers. Water Quality Index (WQI) provides a single number like a grade that expresses the overall water quality at a location and at a specific time based on several water quality parameters. A model is a small object usually built to scale, that represents another larger object. Such a model of water quality can be represented generally as a function of physico-chemical and biological characteristics of water. Water quality modelling has developed appreciably since its innovation in the early years of the twentieth century. Several statistical methods viz., Factor Analysis (FA), Discriminant Analysis (DA), Cluster Analysis (CA), Prinicipal Component Analysis (PCA) etc can be effectively in the studies related water quality modelling.

Keywords: Water Quality Index (WQI), Factor Analysis (FA), Cluster Analysis (CA), Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Discriminant Analysis (DA).