Abstract: Arti?cial pancreas technology, involving ‘‘closed-loop’’ controls with real-time blood glucose monitoring, has been increasing in reliability as its potential for clinical use and application grows. Prandial glucose regulation is a major challenge for the arti?cial pancreas using subcutaneous insulin (without a feed forward bolus) due to insulin’s slow absorption-peak (50–60 min). Intra peritoneal insulin, with a fast absorption peak (20–25 min), has been suggested as an alternative to address these limitations. An arti?cial pancreas using intra peritoneal insulin was designed and evaluated on 100 in silico subjects and compared with two designs using subcutaneous insulin with and without a feed forward bolus, following the three meal (40–70g-carbohydrates) evaluation protocol.

Keywords: Artificial, Closed, Pancreas, Automated, Diabetes.