Abstract: Mobile phones are widely used devices around. Android, Windows Mobile, and the iPhone, mobile phones are different brands which have changed the way we look at mobile computing. Many applications like games, social networking, and bank transactions are used on mobile today. Today, everyone is using mobile phones, including the farmers. Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has an important role in day to day life of farmers. Agriculture sector contributes in daily needs of population in India and is main backbone of GDP of Indian Economy. Farmers are the main element of Agriculture. Farmers are not able to cope up with complications occurring due to crop diseases. They have to depend on Plant Biologist to resolve these problems. Examining the plant affected by disease through a Plant Biologist manually is a time consuming process. Plant affected by the disease is not diagnosed within time then it can affect the quality of the plant. A System can be provided which can involuntarily obtain significant features of the plant affected by disease and computing the uploaded diseased plant image. It will easily help the Plant Biologist to diagnose the disease of plant and provide the farmers to take initial precautionary measures. Acknowledging the significance and dominance of Agriculture sector, System based on Content Based Image Retrieval techniques and k-means algorithm is proposed for diagnosing the plant disease is proposed.

Keywords: Feature extraction, Image retrieval, CBIR techniques, K-means, Colour histogram.