Abstract: Misalignment and unbalance is the most cause of machine vibration. A misalignment and unbalanced rotor always cause more vibration and generates excessive force in the bearing area and reduces the life of the machine. Understanding and practicing the fundamentals of rotating shaft parameters is the first step in reducing unnecessary vibration, reducing maintenance costs and increasing machine uptime. The experimental results simulate with Finite Element Analysis. We have selected the ANSYS16.0 software for the analysis of Rotor system. For the fault diagnosis of the rotor system, we have done the Harmonic analysis of the rotor system. While doing the analysis to match the conditions with the experiment we first select the node at Vertical most position at Bearing as Ch 1 and the horizontal most node as Ch. 2 for the results.

Keywords: Unbalance, Misalignment, Rotor system, Harmonic Analysis etc.