Abstract: The global electrical energy consumption is rising and there is a steady increase of the demand on the power capacity, efficient production, distribution and utilization of energy. a novel excitation synchronous wind power generator (ESWPG) with a maximum power tracking scheme. The excitation synchronous generator and servo motor rotor speed tracks the grid frequency and phase using the proposed coaxial configuration and phase tracking technologies. The generator output can thus be directly connected to the grid network without an additional power converter. Maximum wind power extraction for a wind energy conversion system composed of a wind turbine, a squirrel-cage induction generator, and a matrix converter (MC). a small wind generation system where neural network principles are applied for wind speed estimation and robust maximum wind power extraction control against potential drift of wind turbine power coefficient curve. The new control system will deliver maximum electric power to a customer with lightweight, high efficiency, and high reliability without mechanical sensors. A turbine directly driven permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG). Power electronic, the technology of efficiently processing electric power, plays an essential part in the integration of the dispersed generation units for good efficiency and high performance of the power systems.

Keywords: Excitation synchronous generator, maximum power tracking, servo motor control, wind power.