Abstract: Information security, Steganography is a vast field of computer science that develops numerous intelligent systems for secret communication. Image steganography is the most popular dimension due to its frequency on the internet in this field. The goal of this research work is to provide high level of security, maximum embedding capacity, efficiency and reliability for secret communication using image processing and steganographic techniques. Same work has been done before through cryptographic techniques but with time steganography emerges as a more secure and power full technique, where as cryptography lacks in many ways. Now in modern era, steganography has come up with all the deficiencies of cryptography. In this research work, preprocessing, enhancement is applied on image. After that audio file is taken as secret information and on that sound file Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) will be applied for compressing audio message .for Enhancing the security Advance encryption standard (AES) is used for the encryption of audio file and this encryption technique is more securing then other encryption techniques. Finally using Least Significant Bit (LSB) secret msg will be embedded in that image. The purpose of this work is to provide an intelligent system for secure communication within different security agencies as well as for institutes and to reduce the statistical attacks.

Keywords: Audio steganography, DWT, PSNR, LSB, Data Hiding, Digital data security.