Abstract: The paper discusses the design of a smart solder gun whichwill be an improved and modified versionof the existing soldering iron [1]. Here, the reel of lead is mounted on one end of the gunusing a shaft. This shaft is removable. The tip is placed on the other end of the gun.The solder material is fed into the gun using an L shaped motor. The motor is used toimplement a roller mechanism using which lead is transmitted from one end of thegun till the tip. The heating element is electrically heated and is kept in direct contactwith the tip. The solder lead is fed to the heating element through a heat resistivetubing to avoid the melting of solder before it touches the tip. The heat resistivetubing is made of materials having very high melting point. The solder reaches thetip only when the switch is pressed. As long as the switch is pressed, the lead isdriven by continuous rotation of the motor. The rotation of motor is programmed ina microcontroller. The components are placed and arranged inside the body of a hotglue gun.

Keywords: Embedded system, soldering, DC motor, Microcontroller.