Abstract: This paper deals with simulation of transient heat transfer analysis of the solar powered injera baking system in which the heat transfer oil is heated using solar energy by parabolic trough and the oil circulates through the space below the baking -pan in the kitchen. This has been done by putting a glazed baking pan at the top of the storage tank which is in direct contact with the hot oil. The time history of heat up temperature of baking oven surface was simulated by Matlab Software for an algorithm has been developed using explicit finite difference approach. The simulation was done by varying the pan thickness for 10mm, 8mm and 5mm as well as the temperature of the hot oil in contact with the pan. The results had shown that for 10mm pan thickness, acceptable heats up times were recorded for the hot oil temperature values of 290 oC and 300 oC. Furthermore, at 8mm pan thickness the need for hot oil temperature was lowered to values ranging from 270oC to 300oC. But comparatively fast heats up times were recorded for a pan thickness of 5mm and hot oil temperature ranges from 255oC to the maximum value of 300oC.

Keywords: Baking pan, Storage tank, Simulation, Finite Difference method.