Abstract: The advanced structural materials are designed and manufactured in the purview of enhanced properties like high strength to low weight ratio, vibration and its damping characteristics etc. One of the important purposes of vibration study is to reduce vibration through proper design of machine components or structural materials. In this context, the present study is focused on the hybrid composite laminates with the Epoxy as polymer matrix and Glass fibers/Kevlar fibers as reinforcements, which is finding applications widely for its high strength to low weight ratio. Present work is intended to study the tensile behaviour, impact strength, flexural strength, the inter-laminar shear strength, vibration and damping characteristics of the hybrid composites laminates along with mechanical properties. It is observed that, impact strength is higher in hybrid composite of one on one kevlar/glass reinforced laminate. The flexural and the interlaminar shear strength are higher in the two on two kevlar/glass reinforced hybrid laminate. The tensile strength of the hybrid composite with one on one kevlar/glass reinforcement is higher than others. In the vibration study, one on one kevlar/glass reinforced hybrid laminate has higher damping properties than the others.

Keywords: Stacking Sequence, Glass fibers, Kevlar fibers, glass reinforced laminate.