Abstract: In present day scenario, one cannot imagine any structure without cement concrete. It is being extensively used for construction ranging from small scale to large scale as a key ingredient for fulfilling the aspect of strength and serviceability. But, due to the large scale production of cement, around 3% of air pollution in the world is solely because of its production and this material plays a key role in the cost of the construction which is a raising concerns. So, there is an on-going research to find a suitable alternative or partial replacement to cement so that the cost problem is addressed and pollution is controlled to the maximum extent. This paper deals with the effect of major concrete strength determining parameters like compressive, tensile and flexural strength when compared with conventional concrete mix of M30 when combinedly replaced the cement with admixtures Sugar Cane bagasse ash, Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag & WasteWoodAsh in increasing proportions equally (0%,30% (10+10+10), 36%, 42%,48%54%) in weight. And of all the results obtained the mix with 30% combined replacement showed better results because of better formation of CSH gel by which It can ensure better alternative replacement for the cement in concrete for infrastructure needs and minimising the environmental pollution.

Keywords: Sugar Cane bagasse ash (SCBA), Ground Granulated Blast Furnace, Slag (GGBS), Waste Wood Ash (WWA), concrete.