Abstract: Nowadays because of increase in crime activities, higher demand and greater awareness on security problems lead to the study of more secure, high performance, reliable and flexible systems. To reduce such crime activities processing of videos involved in such activities will be necessary. It aims at the surveillance video of payee’s abnormal behaviour based on the video denoising algorithm. In this work, we will be able to distinguish the normal and abnormal activities like money snatching, harm to the person by virtue of fight, or attack on the person. The proposed system will detect the unusual event which occurs in the security centre. By developing a system that will give an alarm when something abnormal is occurring it could eliminate the need for extra people to monitor surveillance feeds. It has growing demand for applications to support monitoring indoor and outdoor environments such as ATM center, shopping malls etc. The significant efforts in the field of tracking and moving object detection will have been done to make the security applications robust, reliable and efficient.

Keywords: Surveillance video, Denoising algorithm, unusual event detection, Moving object detection.