Abstract: Single-phase to three-phase power conversion using power electronics converters is a well-known technology, when the configurations and control strategies already accomplished in the technical study are considered. This paper presents single-phase to three-phase with dc-link converters with parallel rectifier and series inverter for reduction in the input current and reduction of the output voltage processed by the rectifier circuit and inverter circuit respectively. In this paper we proposed better solution for single phase to three phase drive system by employing 2 parallel single phase rectifier stages, a 3-phase inverter stage. Parallel converters can be used to improve the power capability, reliability, efficiency and redundancy. An isolation transformer is not used for the reduction of circulating currents among different converter stages. It is an important objective in the system design. The complete comparison between the comprehensive model of proposed converter and standard configurations will be presented in this work. Simulation of this model will be carried out by using MATLAB/ Simulink.

Keywords: Power conversion, power electronics converters, parallel converter, pulse width modulation, three phase ac motordrive.