Abstract:In current scenario commercially available diesel fuel becomes the primary energy resource of transportation and power production. Diffusion combustion of fuels in compression ignition engines is a very complex phenomenon. Delay period is single most important parameter which controls the performance and emission characteristics of fuels used in CI engines. Present work deals with measurement of ignition delay of commercial diesel fuel in a closed cylindrical camber and a comparison of the obtained results with the Arrhenius equation given by Wolfer and Stringer in 1959 is carried out. The comparison is done at different ambient air pressure from 10 to 25 bar and air temperature from 3500C to 4500C. It is found that, experimental results shows more consistant trends with the arrhenius equation, when fuel is injected at high injection pressure of 300bar.

Keywords:Cylindrical combustion chamber, Ignition delay, Variation of injection pressure.