Abstract: In the present scenario electricity has become an integral part of humans’ life. Modern technology for its various operations uses electrical power in huge amount in contrast to this lot of energy resources been already exhausted and wasted. Production of electricity is the only source of pollution worldwide. With the growing population the gap is created between demand and supply of electricity. There comes the need of an alternate source of power generation which is eco-friendly and uses the ever increasing human population for its power generation without any adverse effect on environment. This technique works on the principle of piezoelectric effect. Countries like India where temples, railway stations, airports, etc. are always overcrowded, waste energy of foot power can be utilized and is very much relevant. This power source comes with wide range of applications as in home appliances, street lightning, and agriculture and will prove to be very efficient in remote locations.

Keywords: Energy Harvesting, Piezoelectricity, Piezoelectric Materials, Mechanical Strain, Electrical Potential