Abstract: In most of the industrial plant processes heat exchangers are very significant part of production quality. There is a very large range of temperature and pressure values for maintaining the desired plant response. Control of the temperature of various fluids at a desired value against all kinds of deviations is required to achieve desired performance of the plant. In this paper we have investigated different types of control techniques that are used presently to eliminate the various drawbacks of conventional control techniques. We have compared latest control techniques like PSO tuning based PID controllers and fuzzy logic controllers with the conventional advanced 2DOF PID controllers tuned by popular conventional tuning techniques. We have developed simulink models using 3,7 and 9 MF fuzzy rules and PSO tuned PID controller values and finally demonstrated our results in terms of improvement in peak overshoot and settling time of the plant by a comparative analysis of results of these system responses.

Keywords: Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC), Gas Process Plant, Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), PID Controller, Z-N method.