Abstract: Ferroelectric liquid crystalline materials are of great interest due to their important industrial applications. In recent years, a field of research that is growing steadily is the photo-induced phenomenon in which the wavelengths of incident light impinge on the material stability. Photo stability of liquid crystal (LC) materials play a crucial role in affecting the lifetime of liquid crystal display (LCD), and memory devices. In direct-view displays, ultraviolet (UV) light is often used to seal the LC panels. Here we will discuss the photo responsive behavior of ferroelectric liquid crystal based on the quantum mechanical calculations. The electronic transitions, UV-Visible absorption wavelength, HOMO (highest occupied molecular orbital) and LUMO (lowest unoccupied molecular orbital) energies will also be presented. Further, ultraviolet (UV) stability of the molecules will be discussed in the light of absorption wavelength and electronic transition oscillator strength (f).

Keywords: Ferroelectric liquid crystal, DFT, UV-VIS, Raman.