Abstract: The 2-D IIR Spatially Bandpass (SBP) beam filters are used for directional filtering of temporally broadband bandpass space time plane waves. These filters have applications in radio astronomy, seismic signal processors, radar navigation, space science and wireless communications. If filter coefficients are represented in Canonic Signed Digit (CSD) space, the multiplier circuit can be replaced with adders/ subtractors and shifters. In this paper, a multiplierless realization of 2D IIR SBP beam filter is proposed and the realization is done on Zedboard xc7z020. Multiplierless 2-D IIR SBP beam filter has low complexity compared to 2D IIR SBP beam filter. Circuit complexity analysis is also presented.

Keywords: Zedboard, CSD representation, System Generator, 2D IIR SBP beam filter.