Abstract: An important aspect in the tourism is to provide relevant and appropriate information about the places and the locations. Tourists may not read all information if large amount of information is provided. Hence, there is a waste of time in finding appropriate information about tourist places. Hence, it is important to provide meaningful, appropriate information. This paper describes the development of an application for smart phones, so that the tourists can carry and use application wherever they travel. In this paper, we are discussing implementation of a tourist application which will provide accurate, relevant information with appropriate recommendations to the user. A complete system will be implemented in giving precise information to the users, in a language which is universally accepted. The main focus will be on giving recommendations to the user based on touristís behaviour. Also information about tourist places will be provided in text as well as speech form. This described here will use a wireless technology, classification technique, TTS (Text-To-Speech) to give relevant data so that user will be able to use it in many locations to give directions and information.

Keywords: Context Aware System, GPS, User Profiling, TTS.