Abstract: Concrete is a versatile engineering composite material made with cement, aggregates and admixtures in some cases. Due to the day by day innovations and developments in construction field, the global consumption of natural aggregates is very high and at the same time production of solid wastes from the demolitions and manufacturing units are also very high. Extensive use of concrete leads to the scarcity of natural aggregates. Because of this reasons the reuse of demolished construction wastes and solid waste from manufacturing came into the picture to reduce the solid wastes from demolition and manufacturing units and as well as to decrease the scarcity of natural basic aggregate. This papers is to study the suitability of waste crushed tiles in the concrete mix .In this experimental study, different mixes are casted, waste crushed tiles are used to partially replace the coarse aggregate by 10% and 20% and tiles powder is used to partially replace the fine aggregate by 10% and 20%. Both coarse and fine aggregates also partially replaced by these waste materials at different percentages. According to this total 9 types of mixes of M25 grade were prepared (Shown in TABLE 1). A brief study on workability and compressive strength for 7 and 28 days of all total 9 types of mixes has been carried out and observed that increase in tiles powder leads to the increase in strength and workability of concrete like Ready Mix Concrete (RMC). In all 9 types of mixes, maximum compressive strength is obtained for the mix having 20% of tile powder. For the combinations compressive strength is increased for all mixes and maximum compressive strength obtained for the mix having 10% of crushed tiles and 20% of tiles powder. The optimum percentage of coarse aggregate that can be replaceable by crushed tiles is 10%.

Keywords: Waste crushed tiles, tiles powder, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, Ready Mix Concrete (RMC), Workability, Compressive strength.