Abstract: Estimating Reusability near the beginning in the software development life cycle, particularly at design phase, may help the designers to integrate required improvement and corrections for improving overall quality of the developed software. This research paper proposes a framework for reusability estimation that provides step by step solution for reusability estimation of object oriented software. As well as study developed a multivariate regression model ‘Reusability Estimation Model for Object-Oriented software’ at design phase of software development process. Proposed model has been mathematically validated through proper statistical measures and contextual explanation has been drawn. This study facilitates the software developers, designer and quality controllers, the inclusion of reusability estimation model to access and quantify software reusability for quality product. Reusability estimation in early stage of software development life cycle always supports the designers to improve the reusability of product class diagram and consequently the reusability of software.

Keywords: Reusability, Estimation, Design Properties, Quality Factors, Object Oriented Design.