Abstract: This article shows that sludge resulting from the aerobic treatment of Düzce Pakmaya Facility can be composted either with domestic organic wastes or by themselves in closed aerobic reactors. The economic raw materials in Düzce and cities in the vicinity of Düzce which can be used for the composting are determined and mathematical postulates were developed. Proving the accuracy of these mathematical postulates with laboratory analyses, it was proved that how the composting process is conducted can be determined beforehand by mathematical postulates with maximum ±9% deviation. The result of the composting of sludge both with domestic organic wastes and by themselves were examined separately and evaluated according to the compost formation criteria. The main aim of this study is to combine solid wastes that are getting a problem day by day and treatment sludge. And also, turn the raw materials that pollute the environment into beneficial products to make a pilot scale approach to the solid waste problem.

Keywords: Composting, organic waste, sludge, solid waste.