Abstract: In this term paper; the problem of increasing efficiency in OFDMA had been abridged into an utmost biased similar dilemma which can have polynomial time solution or it can be further optimized to get better results. In this research work, pairing algorithm performance is improved by the using, Heuristic Algorithm technique which is based on strength of signal. The potency of signal is calculated and then couple the users based on their signal potency. There is no need to locate the distance of the users. Simulation results specify that our heuristic algorithm attain asymptotic performance of optimal allocation algorithm with much lower complexity. Though we just consider some classes of services in the simulation, it is easy to expand more modules of services without escalating intricacy.The outcome of the best prejudiced identical algorithm had been evaluated and will be compared with other method to show its complexity. They had also used matching algorithms to find the location information of the users.

Keywords: OFDMA, Heuristic Pairing Algorithm, FFT, SNR and BER.