Abstract: Bubble point pressure is an important reservoir fluid property. Many reservoir engineering calculations are bubble point pressure dependable, such as reserve estimation. In circumstances, laboratory PVT analysis is not available, empirical PVT correlations becomes the best alternative. In this study, correlation for bubble point pressure of Egyptian crude oils was developed using non- linear multiple regression. This was done by utilized a total of 178 data points were used to develop this correlation. The data were collected from different fields in Egypt and covered a wide range of crude oils ranging from heavy to volatile oils. The data included oils with bubble point pressures ranging from 180 to 4999 Pisa, oAPI of 16.5 to 49.8, gas oil ratio of 62 to 2647 scf/STB, gas gravity of 0.6 to 1.474 and temperature of 107 to 316 oF. The developed correlation was taken as a function of solution gas oil ratio, oil API gravity, gas relative density and reservoir temperature. Statistical and graphical analyses have been used to assess the performance of the correlation. Correlation performance was also compared with published correlations. The new correlations developed by this study performed better than existing published bubble point pressure correlations.

Keywords: PVT Correlations; Bubble point pressure; Egypt.