Abstract: This paper presents the Image Recognition and location finder. With the increasing threat of terrorist, the advanced video surveillance system has to be put into use. The advanced video surveillance system needs to analyze the behaviors of people in order to prevent the occurrence of the potential dangerous case. In recent years, the development of human detection and tracking system has been going forward for several years; many real time systems have been developed. Face based applications such as face recognition and video surveillance systems have been more popular in computer vision during past several years. Such systems perform image processing on the human face and produce throughputs according to their purpose. Face Recognition is a very active research area specializing on how to recognize faces within images or videos. Face recognition compliments Face Detection. Face Detection is the process of finding a 'face' within images or videos and Face Recognition is the process of matching the detected 'face' to one of many the faces known to the file system. There are currently commercially available systems for face recognition, but they are bulky, expensive, and proprietary. Our goal was to create a portable low-cost system using the advanced communication technologies like Global Positioning System (GPS) and GSM (Global System for Mobile communications). An intelligent portable human recognition and identification system is proposed in this project using an ARM 7 based microcontroller and opencv based machine. The system consists of two parts. Unit 1 consists of portable system with BSD Linux including opencv library, usb and serial port to perform the image processing part. Initially using an usb camera interface continuous images are captured and these images are processed with help of Opencv and compared with existing database. If the current images are matching with any of the existing images the system generates command to the unit 2.The unit 2 will perform the location identification using GPS and forward the necessary information about the identified person using GSM/GPRS to concern authorities. This unit contains ARM7 LPC2148 and it is a very popular ARM7 microcontroller with 512 KB flash, 64 KB of RAM and with several I/O peripherals, which is more suitable for faster operations. The Keil compiler will be used for building the applications on LPC2148 ARM7 micro controller. Open CV, Linux is used for image processing. Additional sensor units and hardware units are used to build the application.Charactersí extraction is developed. They provide a new idea to the vehicle burglarproof area.We proposed that the whole system is built on the platform of embedded system which took advantage of the algorithm of human face recognition. The ARM9-based system combined with the traditional merits of vehicle burglarproof. At the same time, GSM network could be also used in the system. When the crime happened or was about to doing, the messages of alarm would be sent to the vehicle owner as soon as possible. The performance of vehicle burglarproof system has been improved by the system, and the traditional vehicle burglarproof disadvantage could also be solved by this algorithm.

Keywords: Video Capture, Human face recognition, ARM7, GPS receiver, GSM, LINUX, OpenCV.