Abstract: Nowadays energy and power are the one of the basic necessities regarding this modern world. As the demand of energy is increasing day by day, so the ultimate solution to deal with these sorts of problems is just to implement the renewable sources of energy. The objective of this work is power generation through footsteps as a source of renewable energy that we can obtained while walking on to the certain arrangements like footpaths, stairs, plate forms and these systems can be install elsewhere specially in the dense populated areas. We can implement this foot step power generation system by generating the additional power by the heat it can be obtained by the load using the peltier effect. As a result of completing the above procedure or technique we made ourselves able to design such compatible system through which we could run our home appliances through AC output. As our main purpose was to charge the battery through DC output and then by inverting it into AC for normal common usage. Thus as a result we have concluded that these types of designs and techniques of power generating systems are very useful and handy in order to match the supply and demand of energy globally as well.

Keywords: renewable energy, foot step, peltier effect