Abstract: The human hand is a very vital organ in our body that can grasp tools of different sizes and shapes. Nowadays many research activities are carried out to develop artificial hands with capabilities similar to that of human hand. In this paper the design and function of a new humanoid-type hand similar to that of human hand manipulation abilities is discussed. This artificial hand is made to operate with a sensor which senses the eye ball movement and operates the artificial hand. The new hand is designed to work autonomously or interactively in coordination with humans and for an artificial lightweight arm for handicapped persons. The arm is developed similar to the human arm and is driven by spherical ultrasonic motors. The ideal end-effector for such a humanoid would be able to use the tools and objects that a person uses when working in the same environment. A new hand is designed for anatomical consistency with the human hand which includes the number of fingers, placement and motion of the thumb, the proportions of the link lengths and the shape of the palm. It can also perform most part of human grasping types.

Keywords: Humanoid, L293D